With the earliest decks dating back to the 15th century, tarot has long been a tool for divination, growing in popularity in recent years for its meditative properties. Tarot readings bring opportunities for self-reflection and deeper understanding of situations and ourselves.

Whether seeking clarity surrounding work or home, or uncovering truths within, tarot provides us with a unique lens through which to view our circumstances. Through reading the cards, we may shift our perspective to be in greater alignment with the world around us and the truth within us.

While some find the experience valid, I have never approached tarot as a tool to foretell the future. I don’t offer traditional “you will meet a tall, dark stranger” readings. Rather, I utilize tarot for its mindfulness properties,* and offer insight into both the symbolism and language of the tarot, as well as the energetic invitation of the cards, drawing upon my experiences as an art historian and as an empath. Clients often express seeing their situation in a new light, prompted by the powerful symbolism of the cards.


Hedge Witch Botanicals offers sliding-scale pricing for members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. Please contact me for more information.

Three Card Reading – $15

A 3-card reading is a great way to “check in” with ourselves, to seek clarity around a topic or question, or to just have fun! Typically 10-20 minutes, this is a succinct look at the interplay between past, present, and future.

Celtic Cross Reading – $45

The traditional Celtic Cross spread offers clients a more in-depth look at their query. These readings may bring insight during times of transition, such as the start of a new job or following a move, or for those seeking a longer, more meditative look inward.

Private tarot parties – $100+

Great for birthdays, bachelor(ette) and anniversary parties, or your next company event, a private tarot reading is a unique experience your guests are certain to remember! Available in the Syracuse, Watertown, and Northern NY region, pricing begins at $100 for events up to 2 hours. Contact me for more information.

“Moonthly” Tarot Readings – $15/month

Virtual custom tarot readings delivered to your inbox with each full moon. READ MORE…

* Please note: I am not a medical/mental health provider or legal counselor, and tarot is not a substitute for adequate mental healthcare. Should you require either medical or legal assistance, please seek a licensed professional.