The past few days have been heavy, and for all who hoped that there might be a “blue wave,” a clear rejection of all that tr*mp stands for, the only thing that is achingly clear today is that over 48% of this country (predominantly white voters) still support an autocratic, racist rapist. Throughout this election cycle I’ve heard a lot of folks saying that “hate has no home here,” but look around– hatred built the foundation of this house, and it’s not enough for us to patch things up, we’re going to have to tear it down brick by brick. Regardless of the final outcome, today we ache and wait, tomorrow we continue the fight. 

With all that’s going on right now, I want to offer an old post, a reflection on how we might use the 2 of Swords as an ally to find balance in uncertain times. Thinking of you all, stay safe and stay magic.

Tarot for Mindfulness and the Two of Swords: An Ally for Uncertain Times

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we are living in some unprecedented times. I feel exceptionally privileged to have a safe home and adequate supplies for a period of isolation, but like many, I’m experiencing feelings of fear and worry about the state of the world. As someone who has lived with anxiety…

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