In the past few days I’ve spoken a bit about Imbolc, though I neglected to share one important way the holiday is often marked: spring cleaning! While spring may feel distant on blustery days like today (seriously, it looks like a snow-globe outside right now!), spring cleaning is an important part of preparing our space for the season ahead, and while I definitely have days of grumbling about cleaning, consciously cleansing can be a wonderfully mindful experience when we allow it to be. 

In the Spring 2020 edition of This Witch Magazine I shared a bit about my spring cleaning practice, including a DIY & pet-friendly cleaning solution you can make with pantry staples, which I’m happy to re-share here!

DIY Familiar-Friendly Spring Cleaning!

As much a part of popular iconography as a pointy hat, the witch’s broom is a powerful symbol. Both magic and mundane, the act of sweeping, of cleansing our home, can be a powerful experience. And there is no better time to dust off those cobwebs, both literal and figurative, than spring! Indeed, “spring cleaning”…

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