Hello friends! Longtime followers may note that I don’t typically repeat social media / newsletter info here on the blog, but I’m making an effort to move away from those platforms a bit and to put a bit more focus here on the Grimoire.

There’s a winter storm pummeling our area, temperatures hovering below freezing, and with the start of Mercury retrograde on the 14th and a full moon in Cancer today, I am in full-on hermit crab mode, retreating within my shell. Mercury retrogrades are a great time for the “RE’s”— to review, reflect, and reassess— and with an emo Cancer moon we’re being asked to go deep into our feels. This is an excellent time for divination, and I for one will be reading my cards and journaling.

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on how much Hedge Witch Botanicals has grown over the past 4 years (it’s 4 years this month! 🥳), and as I’ve talked about how it’s easy to get caught up in doing the work and loose sight of the progress, I’m trying to be very intentional about my next steps. With the shop closed for in-person shopping during the winter months, this is an opportunity to really go deep. I’ve grown so much over the 4 years and the studio is in need of a wee update, and as soap-making in a work zone isn’t really feasible, it’s going to be a little while before I restock soaps.  Also, I’m going to be modifying a couple of products (updated spell kits are coming soon!) and discontinuing a couple of items (like bath bombs and Persephone, so get ‘em now before they’re gone!). 

Wishing you all an easy retrograde and a dreamy full moon, stay safe and stay magic!


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