I am so excited to share the newest offering hitting HWB’s shelves, The Hollow Valley Tarot, illustrated by Erin Alise of the Hollow Valley, with a guidebook by Davis Carr of Meridian Tarot & Astrology. Longtime readers may remember Davis from her Tending the Hedge feature or our discussion on the card “Temperance,” and since my Hollow Valley deck arrived, I have been using it for my daily single-card tarot readings. It’s really lovely and intuitive, and I’m so happy to share it with you all!

Rich in symbolism and steeped in magic, the illustration of each card is based on a sigil created from a phrase of intention that captures the card’s essence. This deck is playful and creative, a modern take on the traditional Smith-Rider-Waite style deck. The Hollow Valley Tarot innovates on the traditional meanings by emphasizing symbolism, number theory and astrological correspondences. It breaks each card down into its component parts and uses symbols to help the reader to access the core essence of the card, outside the trappings of culture and societal expectations of what it “should” say. Perfect for beginners and more experienced readers a lot, the cards draw on symbolism to evoke the meaning of the cards through archetypes. Each deck order includes a full-length companion guidebook featuring descriptions of the cards, tarot theory, reading instructions, and more.

PS: Sales opened to newsletter subscribers in advance of the general public, just one more reason to subscribe!

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