It’s no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday— basically, the moment November 1st rolls around, I’m planning for the next spooky season. One of the benefits of planning ahead is that you have time to enjoy crafting, rather than scrambling at the last minute and throwing together something slapdash. Plus, there’s the added bonus of having a final product that can be saved and re-used, rather than something to be tossed at the end of your fete! Here are just a few of the decorations you’ll see at the 3rd Annual Halloween Sale

Ribbon Chains
An elevated version of the paper chains you may have made as a child, this can be either a simple no-sew craft or a “stitchable” project. I opted for hot glue, and am perfectly pleased with how it turned out!

Rag + Bead Bunting
I had almost a yard of black cotton fabric left over from a quilting project, and call me old-fashioned, but I love bunting for holiday decorations. Full disclosure: this is one of those projects that can really be a time investment, but as someone who likes to keep my hands busy if I’m watching a show or movie, I don’t mind the time spent. Plus, as a no-sew project, this is one you can do with littles! Cut (or tear— I like how the raw edge adds to the aesthetic) strips of fabric approximately 1.5″ wide and 5-6″ long. Alternate knotting the strips with chunky wooden beads on twine (I used my cast iron twine dispenser from Chateau!), being sure to tightly knot the first and last beads in place.

Felt + Faux-Fur Bats
I stumbled across the idea on Pinterest, and while the tutorial uses only hot glue and rubber bands to construct their hanging bats, I ended up sewing my own so that I could wire their legs to bend and hang wherever I choose. I’ll be hanging mine near another easy-peasy DIY…

Paper Bats
This is another easy-peasy craft that you can do with wee ones— if you’ve ever cut out a paper snowflake or a heart shaped Valentine, you can do this too! Fold sheets of black construction paper or card-stock (I prefer the latter, as it gives a bit more structure) in half lengthwise. Using scissors, cut 1/2 of the bat shape— I just eyeballed mine and made each bat slightly different, but if you feel more comfortable with a template, I’ve attached a couple easy shapes for you here. When you’ve amassed a group of paper bats (also known as a colony of bats, or, even better, a cauldron of bats!!!), affix to walls, windows, etc. with a surface-appropriate adhesive.

Hanging Ghost Lanterns
Another simple no-sew craft, hanging ghost lanterns require only a few supplies: white paper lanterns, cheesecloth or gauze (sometimes referred to as “creepy cloth” in Halloween shops, etc.), black paper or felt for the eyes, and clear fishing line to suspend your finished product. Optional: Add a battery-operated “candle” for a supernatural glow…

Party Crows
This one was a slightly more labor-intensive craft, but I was so chuffed with the results, I didn’t mind! I mean, who could say no to crows in party hats and Elizabethan ruffle collars?! Using artificial crows, coffee filters, card-stock, and a few other crafty odds-and-ends, I made these jaunty little harbingers, with instructions available here.

Skull Card Holders
While I am really pleased with how this project turned out, I want to give folks a big disclaimer with this one— the only reason I was able to make these for just the cost of the resin skulls was that I happened to already have paints and brushes, as well as access to a small saw. If that’s not too much of hindrance, it’s really a simple craft!

Using an extra-fine hand saw, I carefully sawed an even and shallow slot for cards, photos, etc. After painting with one coat of black chalk paint (I find this to give a deeper color), I allowed them to dry completely. Then with the tip of a sponge paint brush, I very lightly brushed on a layer of metallic bronze, using the dry side of the sponge to brush as much of the paint off as I could, giving it a thin and almost burnished metal appearance.


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