The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus takes place Tuesday November 8, 2022 (the same day as the US midterms! VOTE!). Eclipses are new and full moons that take place when the sun, moon, and earth are all in alignment. Solar eclipses take place at the new moon, when the sun and the moon are under the same astrological sign. Lunar eclipses take place at the full moon, when the sun and the moon are opposite each other.

In traditional Hellenistic astrology, solar eclipses are seen as a time for opportunities, setting foundations, and new beginnings. Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, are a time for release, letting go, or a culmination of prior events.

While there is much talk about eclipses creating chaotic energy, the best way to think of them is as amplifiers— like turbo-charged new and full moons. Because of their cyclical nature and the amplified energy, they are often seen as “portals” or “chapters”— 6 month periods in which we experience major beginnings and endings, surprise disruptions, and big changes in our patterns.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus is calling to release and let go; what themes are coming up for you?

Would you like to learn more about how this eclipse might affect you personally? Astrological natal charts show the planetary alignment at the time and location of your birth, and are believed to be a sort of cosmic fingerprint, unique to you. Charts are divided into 12 “houses,” with each assigned a zodiacal sign, and planets occurring in different houses are believed to signify various attributes, events, etc. To see what parts of your natal chart the eclipses are activating, you will need the time and location of your birth. Using a natal chart generator with full sign houses (there is a long explanation for full sign houses vs. Placidus’s irregular houses, but we’re going to skip that today!),first find which houses in your chart are ruled by Taurus (it looks like ♉ ) and Scorpio (♏ ). The houses are numbered 1-12, and each represent a key part of us as individuals. Some keywords to think about with each house are…

  1. Our self— our body, our personality, etc.
  2. Our money, assets, & resources
  3. Relationships with siblings, neighbors, etc.
  4. Home, ancestors, land
  5. Creativity, sex, fun
  6. Labor & how we are of service
  7. Partnerships, significant others, & 1:1 relationships
  8. Collaboration, particularly other people’s money
  9. Education, foreign cultures, travel
  10. Career, public roles & responsibilities, etc.
  11. Networks & alliances, friendship
  12. Isolation, privacy, solitude, independence

With this eclipse cycle occurring in my 5th and 11th houses, it has certainly caused a bit of a shakeup in both work and play. I find myself feeling less and less attached to dynamics that no longer serve me, and I look forward to letting go with this eclipse.

Wishing you all a magical moon—

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