Over the weekend I was working on my end-of-year reports, and I have to say, I had way too much fun playing around with my spreadsheets. As a solopreneur (and a Capricorn moon!), I find thorough bookkeeping helps not just for accounting purposes, but also can aid in giving me a clear understanding of where my business is and isn’t working for me.

While playing around with charting my 2022 best sellers (above), I was reminded a wee bit of the work of Kenneth Noland (below).

And so… I thought we’d do a little pop (art) quiz! What do YOU think 2022’s best seller was? Comment below!

* Okay, so the former art historian in me is dying a little bit, because the art in question is actually abstract expressionist or minimalist, but the “punny” title was too good to pass up.

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