Friends and long-time readers may know that, prior to starting HWB, I worked with both independent and classic film theaters. I’ve often said that a love of movies runs in my blood— my great grandparents were the proprietors of a silent film “picture house,” the Wonderland Theatre. Described in a 1922 news article, the Wonderland was said to be a “moving picture business… equipped with the latest motor driven machines.” It seems fitting that, over a century later, I am using the technology at hand to share my love of the cinema.

While my What I’m watching blog series will continue to provide more in-depth reflections, I’m happy to share that I’ve created a Letterboxd profile, where I’ll be sharing recent views and quick reactions. (Fun fact: I learned about Letterboxd through Tending the Hedge magic-maker Amelia Hruby‘s blog!)

Want to join the discussion? Let’s be social— join me on Letterboxd!

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