Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom by Catherine Marie Jeunet


Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom is a guide for trained and practiced herbalists and midwives to better serve the birthing-individuals of their communities. Examines safety issues and benefits of herbal abortion; risk and efficacy considerations; criteria and protocol; herbal abortifacients, implantation inhibitors, emmenogogues, oxytocic herbs and more.

100% of HWB’s profits from your purchase of this zine will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds. Everyone loves someone who had an abortion.

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Please note: I am not a medical provider. Should you require medical assistance, please seek a licensed professional. If you need to terminate a pregnancy, seek out a medical abortion where accessible, which is safer and more reliable. Even in places where abortion is illegal, birthing-individuals can obtain specific types of pharmaceuticals to induce miscarriage.

As a working guide this information must be taken very seriously. Herbal abortion, like many health care procedures, carries certain risks. The information contained within this pamphlet is for the education of the reader, but does not constitute a comprehensive set of instructions, nor is this a DIY manual. However, HWB also believes that the history and knowledge of herbal methods should be preserved.


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