Hey friends! A brief word on my social media accounts: I’m making an effort to divest my business from meta’s stranglehold— though I enjoyed seeing and experiencing a community built on insta, I’m reassessing my business’s reliance on the app for marketing and sharing, particularly following the rumors of forthcoming policy changes towards tarot and astrology related accounts. Yes, the apothecary is my priority, but my tarot practice is a big part of my work, and it’s just one more reminded that Zuck’s platforms have some really terrible priorities. Limiting the reach of tarot and astro accounts, rather than addressing the proliferation of antivax pseudo-science and white-supremacism on these platforms, is the nail in the coffin for me. This feels like a natural time to focus more on content here, and to remind folks that you can subscribe to the HWB newsletter for updates, or here through wordpress! Also, you can connect with me now on Vero, I’ve just started an account and look forward to sharing with y’all! Until next time… stay magic!

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