Long-time subscribers to my newsletter may have noticed recently that there was not a New Moon in Leo update, and I’ve been pretty lax about posting on the socials. Summer is the busiest season in our little tourist town and I’ve been trying to be more mindful this year about not getting burnt out.

Also, in the spirit of transparency… I have been feeling out of touch with my personal spiritual practice of late. There are days where my daily tarot draw has felt less meditative and more routine, and there have been moons where I’ve said “f#¢k it” and opted to stream a show instead of engage in a thought-out ritual. 

Recently though, I had been rushing in my work, and I messed up four batches in a row of my Baba Yaga soap. FOUR. I was so frustrated with myself, and I had to remind myself to slow down and return to the fundamentals. It took time and intention, and as I was doing it, I felt really good about my work. 

I was reminded of these themes again, when I held a small, private ceremony to mark the New Moon in Leo. I’m finding that returning to the fundamentals of my spiritual practice (ie, engaging with the seasons and setting intentions with the moon cycles; regular journaling; returning to the tarot deck with which I started out; etc.) is a rather similar process for me. 

Recently my therapist used the phrase “returning to yourself,” and there are times in ones life where it can feel as though you have to go back to the basics, re-learn the fundamentals, and embrace the spirit of being an amateur all over again.

So for those looking for an enlightened and wise mentor of a hedge witch with boundless knowledge… it ain’t me, babe. But for those who want to share the journey, bumps and all— hi, welcome, bienvenu, and thanks for being here.

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