Do you want to explore new mindfulness techniques in 2023? Perhaps deepen your spiritual practice? Or are you simply interested in a magical monthly treat delivered right to your inbox? Beginning in 2023 you can subscribe to daily and “moonthly” virtual tarot readings!

Tarot readings bring opportunities for self-reflection and deeper understanding of situations and ourselves. Whether seeking clarity surrounding work or home, or uncovering truths within, tarot provides us with a unique lens through which to view our circumstances. Through reading the cards, we may shift our perspective to be in greater alignment with the world around us and the truth within us.

Subscribe to the HWB Patreon for either the Crescent Moon package (a 3-card reading, delivered via email in PDF and JPG formats with the full moon), or the Full Moon package (the Crescent package PLUS daily “Morning Mindfulness” tarot draws with meditation prompts sent to you via text message!), inviting you to dig deep into your personal magic. Over the years I have shared in some truly profound magic with my tarot clients, and I look forward to modifying and expanding my offerings in the coming year. For those interested in joining me on this journey, visit the link below!

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