I’ve always had a sort of macabre interest in the history of the witch trials and their 16th and 17th century “documentation”— it has most definitely influenced my branding choices, from HWB’s signature font to other, more subtle aesthetic choices. As such, this month’s free download takes things in a new direction— and I hope y’all enjoy it!

Plus, since we’re still in the early months of 2023, I’m re-sharing the HWB moon phase calendar! Download a free February 2023 desktop calendar below, and the 2023 moon phase calendar in both single and double versions— making it an easy gift to share, or to have one at home and the other at work— whatever, you do you!

February || download PNG

2023 moon phase calendar (double, pictured above) || download PDF
2023 moon phase calendar (single, not pictured) || download PDF