It’s been a minute! My two-week staycation was the longest stretch of time that I have been officially unavailable for HWB and the shop, and it was such a respite. I enjoyed time with family, spent many hours reading for pleasure (expect at least one #spellbooksaturday coming soon!), baked cookies, watched movies, took a wool-spinning workshop (great fun!), worked on a 2023 vision board, and generally rested. It was so deeply needed, and honestly, I don’t want to shift out of this mindset yet.

Though I talk a good game about resisting grind culture and honoring one’s needs, in all honesty I haven’t been partaking in my own medicine. I ended 2022 feeling intensely burnt out— scrambling to meet the expectations I had set for myself; neglecting my mental, emotional, and physical health; and anxious about the recession’s impact on my small business. It was in this place of exhaustion and with a scarcity-mindset that I began to plan for ’23. Stepping away from my business for just 2 short weeks, I am already feeling a shift in my perspective, and I want to move forward with intention.

I began HWB in 2018 with a goal of exploring and sharing radical self-care through botanicals and mindfulness. While adaptation is natural and vital as a small business, it’s important to me that I not lose sight of my mission, and to that end I need to make some changes going forward to better support HWB’s sustainability as a business and my own needs.

While other changes are afoot, the most immediate and apparent will be that I am reassessing my tarot practice as it relates to my work. I absolutely love reading tarot for my clients, friends, and family— it’s a magical experience of connection and sharing, something I deeply treasure. Trying to make this experience “content” has both diminished the joy of sharing with others and distanced me from my personal practice. I have decided to take a break from sharing my “Morning Mindfulness” daily tarot draws on ig/fb, and I am discontinuing the daily tarot Patreon tier. I apologize to those who found inspiration in this daily content, and appreciate your understanding.

Moving forward I want to focus my energies on expanding my herbal knowledge and offerings, and I look forward to sharing some new offerings and revamped recipes soon. (Fear not, the OG’s like Baba Yaga and Changeling won’t be changing!) Thank you to those who have been with HWB since the beginning, and thank you to those who are just joining me now. As HWB approaches its 5th birthday at the end of the month, I am humbled by the support I’ve received and so very curious and excited for its future. 

Stay magic, y’all— 

🖤 Kate

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