It’s been ages since my last real update, but I’ve had so many folks asking… What’s up?? When are you restocking XYZ? What’s the deal with the delays?!

When I started HWB five years ago (!!!), it was with a strong desire to “do things differently”— I wanted to work differently than I ever had before, recognizing and honoring my boundaries, in support of my values, releasing old practices that no longer served me (if they ever really had). I wanted to create a space for connection and creativity and magic, that honored vulnerability and rejected traditional ways of doing business. In an effort to live and work authentically, I have shared parts of my story, including some experiences as a survivor of SA and IPV.

While I’ve been pretty open about elements of my life, until recently I only shared my PTSD diagnosis with my inner-circle. The truth is, though, that my mental health really impacted my work over the winter months. In that state, vulnerability and authenticity felt unthinkable, and creativity was exhausting. I took some necessary time to step back from my witchy-work to focus on the messy work of healing— something I’m still slogging through, with the help of a good therapist and the support of my friends and family. While there is still a lot of work ahead, it has also been nourishing to get back into my studio and begin making again, and in that regard I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation.

I appreciate that it’s been frustrating to folks that certain “fan favorites” have been out of stock for a while— and really, I’m honored that y’all love my creations! —but if I want my business to honor vulnerability and make space for our complex, messy human selves… it starts with me.  

So thank you to everyone who has patiently (and impatiently!) waited for restocks these past couple of months. I look forward to refilling the shelves as spring progresses (Changeling and Diabolique are already back!), and to seeing y’all when we reopen in May! 

Wishing you all a magical moon—

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