I’ve been a bit quiet on social media this past week, giving myself some necessary headspace while recovering from an unpleasant sinus and ear infection. While I’m an open book with some topics, I tend not to share personal information about my health or home life, but the truth is, this has been something of a wake-up call—after a few days of trying to downplay what my body was telling me, this sinus infection hit me like a ton of bricks, forcing me to acknowledge my pain and discomfort and to rest.

For all of my talk about self-care, I will admit that I haven’t been practicing in ways that I really should, and I want to be open about this. Social media has a way of glossing over the unpleasant things and presenting an unattainable vision of life, never messy, never flawed, always hustling and chipper. This vision isn’t helping any of us—not the content creators who deny their flawed humanity, nor the consumers who hold themselves up against a false standard.

And so: here I am, headachy and cranky, and entirely human.

With this in mind, I am turning to my tarot cards today, and calling on the magic of the Queen of Pentacles. The Queen of Pentacles is the knower of the suit, inviting us into a new relationship with our bodies and environments, one of understanding and compassion. I know that this may be challenging for some—our ableist, capitalist, patriarchal culture has fed us nothing but lies about our body’s perceived “value”—but that does not mean it is any less vital to our wellbeing.

To guide myself in this meditation on wellness, I’ve made a brief tarot spread that I’m sharing below, in hopes that it may help others as well. If you feel called to use it, please tag @hedgewitchbotanicals in your post, and always, stay magical dear ones!

First, remove the Queen of Pentacles from your deck and spend time meditating with this card. What does it evoke for you? Using it as your anchor card, shuffle the remaining cards as you usually do, drawing three for the prompts below.

  1. What is my body telling me right now?
  2. How may I better honor the needs of my physical self?
  3. What energy will support me in this endeavor?

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