Recently I shared some of the ways in which I’ve been returning to the fundamentals in both my work and my spiritual practice— slowing down, engaging with the seasons and moon cycles, and working with my first tarot deck again. Similarly, I am trying to hone the intention and magic behind my work.

Earlier this year I discussed paring back some of my offerings, discontinuing a couple products in an effort to bring a bit of ease into my work. It really is so easy to get caught up in the hustle of small-business ownership, and to lose sight of the passion that led you here in the first place. While I insist on making all of my apothecary goods myself (and had a really lovely and mindful time making Alchemy earlier this week!), I am thrilled that HWB has grown to the point that I can work with other makers I admire, including the talented folks at Sunbeam Candles in Ithaca, NY, the folks behind one of HWB’s newest offerings…

…the Goddess Candle! Conjure abundance with this fertility goddess candle, based on the Venus of Willendorf statue and crafted from 100% pure beeswax by Sunbeam Candles using solar and sustainable methods. (Longtime readers might know that once upon a time I completed a BA in Art History with a focus on gender, so of course I wanted these for the witchery!)

And in keeping with the “back to basics” vibe, I’ve added one more tarot deck to the shop, a classic with a twist—

With exquisite gold-foil line art on an outstanding black textured background, the Lo Scarabeo Tarot Gold & Black Edition exalts Pamela Colman Smith’s art beyond the original splendor. I particularly enjoy working with this deck for my new moon readings, and hope you find as much magic within the cards as I have.


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